We are very happy to anounce that now we have escort girls Albufeira Algarve and are available 24/7 also in all major cities within the Algarve.


REFUSAL, our Models have every right to refuse you as a customer on the moment she discovers that you have been consuming big amounts of alcohol, using drugs, bad hygiene, shows no respect or are under the age of 23 years!
Note that there will be no refunds if our model refuse you as her customer for any of the above reasons and you will be charged in full! Our models do not attend bachelor or any other parties

PAYMENTS, we accept cash only in Euro, Pound Sterling and US Dollars. We will use the exchange rate published by our bank on the date of your booking plus 10% for expenses. This payments gives you complete a privacy. Payment should be made within the first 5 minutes of the meeting, Traveling expenses are not included in the gifts and will be calculated on a the both way trip at €0.65,- a kilometer and waiting hours of the driver at €10,- an hour.
Please do not be offended if your escort checks the amount and authenticity of the banknotes, she has been instructed to do so by us. Any fee paid to our Model is strictly for their time and companionship only, there will be no refunds, at no time and for not one reason..

CONTACT, to arrange a meeting with one of our Portugal escorts simply phone us on 918.727.100 in Portugal or +351.918.727.100 if you are abroad, or e-mail us on easy[email protected], our customer service is available to you 24/7

LEGAL, there are pictures of ladies published on this site that are considered to be adult material. You have to be an adult of at least 21 years of age. Please make sure you understand all rules and conditions of entry, other wise please leave our site now by clicking here!

CANCELLATIONS, the customer can cancel the appointment on the moment of arrival of our Escort Model. For a cancellation the customer will be charged 50% of the total reservation price to cover traveling expenses & time of our Model and Driver, this for which ever reason of cancellation. if you contact us Immediately, We will be happy to explain your cancellation problem.

EASY OUTCALL, is an Inter-media Agency who handles all communication between model and client, takes care of the registration of any reservation between models and their clients, but don´t provide and or make any photo´s of what kind of any model, for this reason models need to provide their own photo´s and there for Easy Outcall is not reliable or can be held accountable for any online publication in their site and or in any advertisement in any third party sites in any shape or form, what so ever. Out of respect for our models we do not and will not provide any photographs showing their face and or